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  • Hi-Chew - Suppai-Chew Sour Lemon

Hi-Chew - Suppai-Chew Sour Lemon

  • Japanese Name すっパイチュウ すっぱいレモン味
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This isnt your regular Hi-Chew! Titled "Suppai-Chew", this super sour lemon hi-chew is unlike any other flavor and was released in 2013. Each sour piece contains lots of little hardened sugar bits, each one just as sour as the candy itself. Eat with care!

Variations of this candy have been made since 1975, and its flavorful taste and creamy texture are found in no other candy worldwide. OyatsuCafe always stocks all the latest editions of Hi-Chew, click here to see our section dedicated to Hi-Chew candy!

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