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  • Lucky Box ($25.00 + Value)

Lucky Box ($25.00 + Value)

  • Japanese Name Lucky Box ($25.00 + Value)
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  • $15.00

OyatsuCafe presents Lucky Boxes! In Japan "Lucky Grab Bags" have a; random; assortment of a stores items for less than their normal price.

You can also take part in this Japanese Tradition. You will receive; 10+ snacks, with a value of over $25.00. An exciting mix of Japanese Candy, Chocolate, DIY Candy Kits and everything else you can find on our store.

  • - Weight of box is between 800-900 grams.
  • - Boxes are pre-packed and shipped as-is. If you buy other products with this box, they will be shipped separately.
  • - Available only while stocks last (new stock is not added regularly)

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