Mabo Dofu - Tofu Sauce

  • Mabo Dofu - Tofu Sauce
  • Japanese Name: Mabo Dofu - Tofu Sauce
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M?b? d?fu is a classic asian tofu dish. A delicious combination of tofu in a spicy chilli sauce. This traditional dish has been popular in Japan since the 1950s and this pre-packaged sauce lets you cook this normally complicated food at home!

Each pack contains 2 portions, each enough for 3 people. All you need is your favourite Tofu.

How to cook:
In your pot, add 180ml of water to the main pouch and stir.
Add your tofu (Firm Tofu chopped into small cubes is recommended) and bring to the boil.
In a separate dish, add the second package of powder to 30ml of water and mix thouroughly.
Slowly pour the dish into your pot, stirring gently.
Once boiled your M?b? d?fu is ready to serve.


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